Agents of the Legal Banking
and Insurance Profession.

Statement Taking

For a set fee, MJW Services will take liability and quantum Claimant statements and witness statements suitable for basic No Win- No Fee cases, at the witness's home address, place of work or hospital, outside working hours or at weekends if necessary.

For your more serious, complicated and high value cases, we recommend you consider using our services at the hourly rate.

Should you have a back log of legal aid cases, or need to meet the deadline for the limitation of proceedings, MJW Services can obtain the statements for you at an hourly rate or set fee.

In all cases you will receive the original signed statement along with three working copies. Alternatively, we can send your copies by e-mail for you to feed into your own computer system, and remit the original by post.

If you provide us with an example, we can produce statements in the format and style, which your company is familiar with.