Agents of the Legal Banking
and Insurance Profession.

Code of Practice

  1. We shall conduct our business and comply with all relevant legislation and judicial decisions: we will trade fairly and responsibly.

  2. We shall:

    1. Behave at all times with integrity
    2. Act responsibly and carefully in the day to day conduct of our business.
  3. We shall:

    1. Comply with all relevant legislation including:
      • The Administration of Justice Act 1970 Section 40
      • The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (and regulations made thereunder)
      • The Sex Discrimination Act 1975
      • The Race Relations Act 1976
      • The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
      • The Data Protection Act 1998
      • The Consumer Protection Act 1987
    2. Use plain English in all communications with the person(s) concerned.
    3. In correspondence, use notepaper showing the full business address to which the person(s) concerned can reply.
    4. In all contacts with the person(s) concerned, ensure that our identity is clearly disclosed.
    5. Keep in strict confidence any information supplied to us by the client or others in relation to the person(s) concerned or permitted or required by law.
  4. We will:

    1. Not use oppressive or intrusive procedures to meet the person(s) concerned.
    2. Not act in a manner in public intended to embarrass the person(s) concerned.
    3. Be circumspect and discreet when attempting to contact the person(s) concerned whether by telephone or personal visit.
    4. Ensure that all attempted contacts with the person(s) concerned are made at reasonable times and at reasonable intervals.
    5. Unless otherwise agreed by the person(s) concerned not discuss with or disclose to neighbours, relatives, employer the person(s) indebtedness.