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Locus Reports

To help you clarify how an accident or incident occurred, MJW Services will attend the scene with your Claimant or witness if possible, so that they can identify the exact location, direction of travel and point of impact.

This will enable us to provide you with a report, a plan (not to scale) but with accurate measurements and road markings, and photographs with index.

The plan will show in particular, your clients approach to the scene and that of the other party. It will indicate where each photograph was taken from the direction they were looking and the relevant distances from the point of impact.

A minimum of 8 photographs will be taken, using a 35mm automatic camera and, unless otherwise instructed, you will receive 3 sets of 7" x 5" photographs in presentation album.

The negatives will be stored in our filing system and we will produce them should they be needed for a hearing.