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Debt Recovery

So as to put into effect a successful debt recovery strategy, you will need detailed knowledge of your customers situation.

Means Reports

MJW Services will visit your customer at home and submit a comprehensive means report covering: customer's employment situation, residential status, assets, liabilities, and income and expenditure.

We will also try to obtain realistic repayment proposals.

Pre-repossession Reports

Should you be considering repossession of property held as security, MJW Services will attend and obtain for you details of the current occupiers. Their ages and state of health, whether they have pets or other animals to be taken into consideration, and if they have any other accommodation available to them.

We will also comment on the condition and maintenance of the property in question.


MJW Services use information technology in an attempt to trace your debtors or absconders, but always try to confirm a trace address by making a personal visit to the address and enquiries with neighbours unless instructed otherwise.

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